Asha Praver's Monthly Letter
November 2006

Dear Friends,Asha Praver photo

“What goes around, comes around.”
This bit of slang does a surprisingly good job of expressing the essence of the Law of Karma. On more than one occasion I have seen how the judicious use of this phrase has saved one hapless soul or another from making a grave mistake.

In this, and in so many other ways, the essential teachings of Sanatan Dharma are making their way from the Himalayas into everyday life.

Of course, not all the ways these concepts are becoming mainstream are accurate or respectful. A certain sports prognosticator, for example, calls himself “the swami.” Anyone with a theory about the economy is dubbed a financial “guru.” Even the publicists for Harlequin romances use these ideas to sell their books.

On the cover of one memorable volume, there was a drawing of a scantily clad, voluptuous woman standing between the shadowy forms of two men, one elegant and debonair, the other rough and tumble. The caption posed the question she herself was obviously contemplating: “Is it Heather’s destiny to live with Buck in the wilderness, or is it her karma to become Lady of the Manor with Sir Richard Dubois?”

Even though the popular culture version of these concepts may be a bit diluted—even humorous, to those of us who have more than a passing acquaintance with these things—still, we applaud this development as one more sign that this is, indeed, the dawning of a new age.

The more people know about this basic approach to life—the outer expression of your life is the result of your inner reality—the more their own experience will cause them to seek a deeper understanding.

This is the service provided by East West Bookshop, with its vast array of spiritual choices, and, of course, of Ananda Sangha, for those drawn to Master and all that he has to offer.

When we first came to this area to develop the Ananda colony in Palo Alto, merely offering meditation and yoga classes made us unique. Now, yoga centers are not quite as common as Starbuck’s but things have certainly changed in two decades.

Master was sent to the West by Christ and Babaji to bring about just the spiritual awakening that we are beginning to see. Naturally, it will happen on many levels, some more profound than others.

Using yoga to sell Hormel Honey-Cured Hams, for example, (I am not making this up) tells us only that some marketing executive has his fingers on the pulse of public interest, not that that executive has any idea, necessarily, of what yoga is about.

Still, we applaud the fact that the world is becoming increasingly aware of these principles, however varied their understanding at this time.

Our role, within Ananda, is simply to keep on doing what we are doing with the same enthusiasm and dedication we have always shown, to be true to the teachings of Master as Swamiji has transmitted them to us, and to be courageous and creative in the way we share them with others.

What a joyous destiny.

In divine friendship,

David & Asha