David Praver Asha

Spiritual Directors
Nayaswamis David & Asha

David and Asha exemplify not only lives of individual spiritual dedication, but also a life partnership devoted to serving God together. They began separately on the spiritual path. Asha met Swami Kriyananda in 1969. David read the Autobiography of a Yogi in the early 1970s. A few years later they met at Ananda Village and married in January 1982. In 1987, Swami Kriyananda asked them to take responsibility for Ananda’s work in Palo Alto.

A small center was already in place. Under their leadership it has grown to include the church, community, Living Wisdom School, yoga center, and expanded East West Bookshop that is Ananda Palo Alto now. Together they lead Sunday services and individually teach many classes.

In 2009, they became Nayaswamis at the first initiation conducted by Swami Kriyananda for a new renunciate order. You may address them as “Swami” or simply by their first names without need for a title.

In addition to serving the San Francisco Bay Area, Asha is one of Ananda’s principal teachers worldwide. Her classes and letters are a spiritual lifeline for people of many faiths around the world. Thousands of students have received training from her over the past 35 years, and been immeasurably helped by her unusual insight and clarity.

Swami Kriyananda book by Asha

Asha is author of:
Swami Kriyananda As We Have Known Him
Winner of Coalition of Visionary Resources
Best Spriitual Biography
award, 2008
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Heartfelt Answers to Everyday Dilemmas
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Loved & Protected
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Love Perfected, Life Divine
Swami Kriyananda's last book, audiobook by Asha

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Asha appears in a new movie about Ananda

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Links to all of Asha's online offerings:

YouTube Channel
Hundreds of classes are available on Asha's YouTube Channel. Subscribe to receive notification of new videos, or browse and explore on your own.

Asha's classes
Nearly every class Asha has offered in the last 10-15 years can be found here. Explore an extraordinary online spiritual university — anything the aspiring yogi might wish to know can be found here. Many of these talks are in audio/MP3 format, and can be freely downloaded.

Sunday sermons
Several years of Sunday sermons by Asha and other Ananda Palo Alto ministers are posted here. Talks are based on parallel passages from the Bhagavad Gita and Bible, Swami Kriyananda's Rays of the One Light.

Live online classes by Asha; find out what's coming up soon and register via this link.

Letters from Asha
A remarkable collection of letters offering wisdom and practical advice. You can also subscribe and receive new letters by email (usually once or twice a month, on average).


Asha at SRW

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Asha is really an amazing speaker. She has an incredible ability to explain the teachings so clearly that it’s really a joy to listen to her. I absolutely love to listen to her Sunday services.”
—Gregor Leban, professor, Slovenia

“Nayaswami Asha's online talks are very uplifting — so down-to-earth and real. They are helping my inner spirit to expand and grow. They give me inspiration to continue in my baby steps to meditate and learn unconditional love of others.”
—Sandy E.

“I have listened to Swami Asha's classes which are available on your web site for a year and a half. They have changed my life in tremendous ways. English isn't my native language so I need to repeat each lesson several times. But it is always a pleasure as Swami Asha has an amazing way of speaking. Sometimes I listen to her just to lift my mood. She is so energetic and speaks about complex things with a smile. I adore her with full respect.”
—Anna, Poland

“I have been listening to a Palo Alto sermon every morning for weeks now, and they are contributing hugely to my spiritual growth. It is not unusual that Asha leaves me stunned. Your website is a treasure beyond price.”
—Vikram, Portland, OR

“Asha, we haven't had a chance to meet (at least not in this lifetime) but it seems like I know you, and to tell you the truth, sometimes you are my best friend. I listen to your talks almost every day. I am for all your great work.
—Monika, Slovenia

“I really appreciate the online classes. They are helping me in becoming more understanding. I appreciate (even more) the necessity of a 24/7 spiritual practice. I listen to your classes virtually everyday while commuting to work. I recently move to Brazil from the USA, and listening to the teachings in English is helping me feel closer to home.”
—Otavio P., Brazil