“Go deep, completely forgetting yourself,
praying and singing to Christ as never before.”
—Paramhansa Yogananda

Christmas Eight-Hour Meditation
Schedule, suggestions, & etiquette

The heart of Ananda’s Christmas is the eight-hour meditation. Chanting, music, and inspirational recordings carry you along; the eight hours literally fly by. It’s not difficult, even for beginners. The more people who come to meditate together, the stronger the support for deep meditation.

Schedule  •  Suggestions & Etiquette

In consideration for others, please:

May God and Gurus bless your meditation deeply.   

Schedule  (times are approximate)

10 am   Opening Prayer, music

Meditation   (70 minutes)

11:30 am   Music   (you may leave/enter quietly during music breaks)

Meditation   (100 minutes)

1:30 pm   Music

Meditation   (40 minutes)

2:25 pm   Music

2:30 pm   Break for 30 minutes

3 pm   Music

Meditation   (40 minutes)

4 pm   Music

Meditation   (40 minutes)

5 pm   Music

Meditation   (30 minutes)

5:45 pm   Music, closing prayer

6 pm   End


Suggestions and Etiquette


Please do not meditate in the sanctuary if you have a cold, a cough, or the sniffles. Even a slight cough qualifies for this. The space is SOOO quiet that every noise is heard. Thank you for your understanding.


• Please be sensitive to those around you when you get up: gather your things quietly.

•  There will be a break from about 2:30-3 pm for those who can come for only half the day. Other chanting times will happen throughout the day, but we encourage as little moving around as possible during those times.  (If you need to come or go during one of these, it's fine.)  

• Please leave only during a break and not in the middle of a meditation.

• Please sit in the back half of the sanctuary so that when you leave you don't disturb those who are staying.

Most of all, have a wonderful time, and may the blessings of the gurus be with you.


How to find us:

Nearly all of our classes and events take place at the Temple in Palo Alto, except for a very few which take place at the Ananda Community in Mountain View (those are specially noted, so you’ll know).
Directions to Ananda Temple in Palo Alto.
Directions to Ananda Community in Mountain View.

When you come to a class or event at the Temple, even if you registered ahead of time, please sign in at the book/gift shop so we can greet you and direct you to the right classroom. The book/gift shop is located in a one-story building just behind the main sanctuary (enter through the sliding-glass door). Map of Ananda Temple grounds (PDF).