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The world’s spiritual wisdom at your fingertips

East West Bookshop is the largest metaphysical bookstore in northern California, and one of the three largest in the world today. It would take a lifetime to explore even a part of its extensive book offerings. For many customers, that is a happy pleasure. Walking into the front door brings you to another world—a serenity and beauty that is deeply calming to the soul.

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East West Bookshop
324 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 988-9800
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“East West Bookshop is more than a bookstore. It’s a second home to the many customers who find comfort there. Whether customers are reading a book, attending a lecture, listening to music, or practicing yoga, East West provides a setting of peace and tranquility.”
—reader Gayle Rusch, in the “Best Of” series
San Jose Mercury News

As you would expect, you will find spiritual wisdom from all traditions, by teachers ancient and contemporary. But there is much more. The store is unusual in its broad scope:

Lectures, workshops, and concerts

East West Bookshop offers more programs than almost any bookstore in the United States—lectures, workshops, concerts, psychic readings, films, and community forums nearly every night and weekend. Well-known authors, spiritual teachers, musicians, and healers speak here, including Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Larry Dossey, and Caroline Myss. Most programs are free of charge. Calendar


Regular meditation classes and support

Meditation classes are taught throughout the year by longtime meditators. Many of the staff meditate as well, and are available to answer questions and support your personal meditation practice. They can help you select a meditation cushion or bench, and establish a comfortable sitting position.

“Your personal efforts to serve above and beyond the call of duty make a huge difference in today’s world.”
—Anne C.

Hatha Yoga classes

Classes are taught on Wednesday evenings, designed for beginner-to-intermediate levels of skill. The store also offers a large selection of yoga Customer at East Westapparel, mats, blankets, blocks, and other yoga gear.


Women’s clothing

East West specializes in colorful clothing and accessories—pants, skirts, tops, shawls, scarves, hats, handbags and more—that are beautiful and elegant enough for work or evening wear.


Uplifting music and audio

Listening stations allow you to hear your CD selections before buying, from quiet arrangements for massage or meditation to haunting Celtic melodies; from Tibetan chanting to joyful World music; from nature sounds to the lectures by renowned spiritual teachers.

“East West is one of the treasures of the world.”
—Wendy F.


Popular titles in self-help, spirituality, yoga, Pilates, tai chi, qi gong and more are available to buy, or to rent. Also available are many rare and Clerk at East Westhard-to-find titles.



It is increasingly rare to find a store with unique and beautiful gifts. Rarer, still, to find something that uplifts the spirit. Gifts include: deity statues and other religious icons, sacred art photos and prints, jewelry, fountains, candles, aromatherapy, singing bowls, stained glass, unusual boxes and bowls, delicate teapots and imported teas, incense, greeting cards, and a large selection of blank-paper journals.

“Best Place for Unusual Gifts” for 11 consecutive years
—Mountain View Voice

CrystalsEast West customer and singing crystal bowl

Hundreds of crystals for healing are on display, many of them exquisite art pieces.


More departments:

Natural body care products
Feng shui
Natural foods cookbooks
Children’s books
Spanish language books
Alternative medicine, health, and healing