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Living Wisdom School
Transitional Kindergarten through 12th grade

Where learning and joy come together

For thirty years, Living Wisdom Schools have provided an education that prepares children for life itself, not only for employment or for intellectual activities. The rote learning in many schools today produces unhappy, stressed students, and is soon forgotten. By contrast, one of the most frequent things heard from a Living Wisdom School student is, “Mom, I love school!” When learning is a joy, students become lifelong learners.

“If life has purpose and meaning, then its goal must be to educate us ever more to the fullness of that meaning. And the true goal of the education we receive in school must be to help prepare us for that lifelong learning process.”
—Education for Life,
J. Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda)

Developing intellect and character

Living Wisdom School offers an academically challenging curriculum, experiential learning, and an emphasis on the development of personal School boys reading bookscharacter—honesty, courage, creativity, compassion, conflict resolution, teamwork, and many other skills essential for success in life.


Graduates are accepted by the finest area high schools, including Crystal Springs, Menlo School. Castelleja, Harker, St. Francis, and Woodside Priory. Students are consistently named to the American Mathematics Competition National Honor Roll, and typically earn between 3.5 and 4.0 GPAs as freshmen. Most score 90-99th percentile on high school entrance exams.

“My son’s teachers have demanded—and received from him—a level of excellence far beyond even what I expected. And they’ve done it without ever making school into a pressure cooker. He’s had fun all the way—six years now.”

“My son’s education has been so different from my own. He’s so involved, so active. It’s experiential and hands-on, and very meaningful to him. I think he will remember many of these lessons for the rest of his life. This is real education.”

Theater as curriculum

Each spring, every student participates in a major theater production on the life of a great man or woman of history. Past plays included Martin Luther King, Buddha, Joan of Arc, and St. Francis. Every student has an acting role, helps to create the sets, and studies the history and cultural realities of the time. They learn poise, self-mastery, public speaking, and teamwork at a young age. The performances are remarkable, and the impact on students is profound, touching their lives for many years. Shy children blossom; strong children reach a helping hand to others in newly discovered leadership roles.

“I’ve seen other children’s plays, and usually the kids are squirming and looking at their parents. But the Living Wisdom School play is different. Even the youngest children stand in front of a room full of people and deliver their lines. They stay in character with poise, concentration, and a self-confidence that is exceptional.”

Spirituality made practical and meaningful for children

It is one thing to learn about spirituality. It is quite another to experience it. Each day, time is devoted to chanting, singing, quietSchool seashore lesson meditation, affirmations, prayer, yoga postures, or other uplifting activities. Children learn how to access states of deep inner peace and expanded awareness. One result is that children naturally become more compassionate and concerned about the feelings and realities of others. In this way, they develop true maturity. Living Wisdom School helps children to develop a direct, personal experience of universal spiritual truths. All religions are honored; students of any religious background feel at home.

After attending another school for a few weeks, a young girl came home an announced to her parents, “I’m not going to school anymore. I quit!”

“What’s wrong, dear?” asked her mother with concern.

With deep earnestness, she looked at her mother and said, “They don’t recognize my soul.”

After much searching, the parents moved to be near a Living Wisdom School. After a few days there, the girl joyfully said, “This is my school, Mom. They listen to me here, and they talk to my soul.”

Joy symbol

"My daughter has learned at school that she has the power within herself to make herself feel better. When she gets upset now, all on her own, she goes to her room, puts on a tape of music she got from the Living Wisdom School, and stays in there for fifteen minutes or an hour—whatever it takes for her to calm herself down and get centered. Then she comes out again. This is very impressive for a child of six. When I tell other parents, they are amazed that there is a school that teaches children such valuable lessons."

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