“By forgiveness the universe is held together.”
—Paramhansa Yogananda

Ananda friends counselingMinisterial services


Challenges are inevitable in life. If you’d like to talk with someone about how to navigate a challenging situation, or need help making a difficult personal change, you may wish to seek the spiritual counsel of an Ananda minister. Call (650) 323-3363.




Perhaps you or someone you know is facing an illness or a personal challenge—physical, mental, or spiritual. Please let us know, so we can pray on your behalf. Ananda has more than 600 volunteers around the world who pray for those in need. Testimonials and stories

Fill in an on-line prayer request form, or email us with helpful details about the person in need, including the full name, location, and age, or call us at (650) 323-3363.

Join a monthly healing prayer circle that meets in the Ananda Community Temple or in the main Temple. Call or email us to indicate your interest and you will be contacted before each meeting (usually the last Sunday of the month at about 11:45 am or noon, right after the worship service).

You can also pray for others from your home. There are now approximately 50 people that receive names of people from all over the world who have contacted us requesting prayers for themselves or others. You would receive 1-2 names every 4-6 weeks. We ask that you keep these souls in your private prayer practice for one month. Call or email to be part of this ministry.

“In May, I requested spiritual healing from your organization for my wife's breast cancer. Her condition was serious so we were doing all that we could think of to do. Her condition has improved substantially. The improvement has been so much and so quick that the doctors are amazed. We believe this is in no small part due to your efforts. At this point we feel we have good reason to expect a full recovery. Thank you very much!”


Weddings and baptisms

One of the most joyful duties of a minister is the opportunity for a wedding or a baptism. These services are available to anyone, whether or not you are an active member of Ananda. These unique and beautifulAnanda wedding ceremonies have been written by Swami Kriyananda, and express the deep spiritual meaning of these profound life events.

“One secret of love is courtesywhich is by no means a mask, but a mark of thoughtfulness and sensitivity. Between two persons who love each other, courtesy, like a delicate waterfall, keeps the mountain pool of their love ever fresh.”
—Swami Kriyananda


Spiritual Mentoring

The spiritual path is a deeply rewarding journey, though not always an easy one. That’s where mentoring comes in. One of the advantages of community is to be able to learn from the experiences of others, rather than facing challenges alone. A spiritual friend and guide can be an enormous blessing on the path. How the program works.



Other ministerial support

Memorial services
Hospital visits
House blessings
Phone and email support

Live streaming of Sunday service each week for those who may not be able to attend a service at Ananda, or for those who live far away.