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Testimonials about the music of Ananda
written by Swami Kriyananda

From churches, audiences, and musicians in America

“The singers radiated such peace, beauty, and love that for two days after seeing them, every time that I thought of them, I found myself crying.”
—Charlotte Fisher, Hayward, CA
“They bowled me over! I don’t even remember what songs they performed. I only remember the tremendous spiritual energy they channeled.”
—Bill and Theresa Week, Walnut Creek, CA
“The Ananda Singers have a contagious warmth, spontaneity, and spirit that will reach into the hearts of everyone who hears them.”
—Joseph Liebling, Choir Director, Oakland Symphony
“I find absolute joy in this music. The Friday night kirtans and choir music transport my spirit to another realm altogether. I often begin by singing, only to find myself naturally going into a deep meditative state... something that does not come easily to me at all. The music takes me there so naturally, I never want to come back from this ecstatic place inside.”
—Sheri G., Mountain View, CA
“...ultra-professional. Their blending, integration, presentation, and conducting all are superb.”
—Salvatore D’Aura, retired choirmaster of the Vatican
“Impossible to describe how moved I was. The music is tremendously compelling.”
—Reverend Judy Sherman, Unity of Seattle, Seattle, WA
“People just don’t write music like this anymore. There is a special place in heaven where musicians like Handel go, and they are saving a place there now for the one who wrote this music.”
—Avis Hall, professional violinist for 30 years
“Your voices weave lyrics and music to produce a feeling of great joy and peace. Thank you for sharing your inner light. You touch all who hear you.”
—Reverend Patricia Ballard, Religious Science Community Church
Sacramento, CA
“Thank you for coming and sharing your music from the heart. I was personally moved by the depth and quality of your music, and the delightful presentation. Your sharing was a real blessing for our church. The communion we felt with you and Spirit was wonderful.”
—Reverend John Wingfield, Unity Church of Olympia, Olympia, WA
“I have had the pleasure of listening to the Ananda Singers on many occasions. They are not only excellent musicians and wonderful people—there is a very high spiritual quality to their music and in their presentation. Their songs appeal to any religion, and certainly to anyone on a spiritual journey, as well as the young of heart. I would heartily recommend the Ananda Singers to any group for a delightful, refreshing, and inspiring program.”
—Reverend Lorri Lee, Religious Science Creative Living Center
Orangevale, CA
“The ministry of song that God has given to the Ananda Singers offers the peace of God to all who hear and enjoy their beautiful and sincere presentation.”
—Mark Thallander, Assistant Director of Music, Crystal Cathedral
Garden Grove, CA
“Thank you for performing for Jim Seawright's television show. It was an incredible experience listening to you and directing you. I look forward to listening to your singing again as I edit the show.”
—Tom Clark, Editor, KMTV-Mountain View, CA
“Your ministry is one that is vital for churches today. As we listened to you sing, we felt the love with which the music is written and performed. It is done with a musical artistry and with a heart that exalts the name of God.”
—Laurie McCoy, Bible Fellowship Church, Ventura, CA
“I have wanted to express my personal thanks to you all for the beautiful music—a most meaningful experience for everyone who came. You are doing a great work for God.”
—Reverend William Hoffhines, Sr., Sheridan United Methodist Church, Sheridan, OR
“Thank you for the precious gift of this music. My heart is open to your royal simplicity. Listening, listening to you...”
—Mechtild Behmer, Ottowa, Canada
“Your ministry touched our children at every level — something that is difficult to do with such a wide variety of ages. Quite often when a group visits the school, either the younger children are reached and the older ones are not, or vice versa. However, you are to be congratulated for successfully ministering to everyone. That includes teachers, too!”
—Diane Kavanaugh, Art Teacher, Crystal Cathedral Academy, Garden Grove, CA
“When I first heard the Ananda Singers introduced, I thought ‘ there anything new under the sun?’ But then they began to sing, and I perked up my ears. Their sound, blend, and precision was flawless. Their musical style was truly unique. I listened on. Their personalities and stage-presence were vibrant. As they finished their performance, I found myself no longer focusing on the Ananda Singers’ technique, or their charming personalities. I was focusing on Jesus Christ, the one they represent. I heartily recommend the Ananda Singers.
—Reverend Dick Bishop, Christian Center Assembly of God, Kalispell, Montana
 “The Ananda Singers are an entertaining, uplifting, and spirit-filled musical group. Their music is devotional and beautifully performed.”
—Mary Manin Boggs, Director, Living Enrichment Center, Beaverton, OR
“Once you have had the opportunity to hear them, you will know why they are called the ‘Ananda Joy Singers.’ Their music is a blessing to all who have the privilege of hearing them.”
—Reverend Margaret Ims, Christ Unity Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA
“Swami Kriyananda’s music has tapped in higher realms. It brings me peace and joy. It is the soundtrack for my life.”
—an Ananda choir member
“Every time I engage with the music and sing it, it immediately uplifts me.”
—Patrick Mahoney, soloist, Ananda
“Ananda music uplifts me during times of trials, and brings me joy when difficulties and problems arise.”
—Sandy D.
“Ananda music is a continual source of renewal for me. It allows me to re-connect time and time again. It is a central anchor to my spiritual life.”
—Steve M.


From churches and audiences in Italy

“This music is one of the best gifts I have ever received in my life. You don’t know how much I appreciate this. The composer is a great artist. I don’t know how to express my appreciation. I would like to meet him. This music should be heard in every church throughout Italy.”
—Don Giordano Guistorini, church organist for the Cathedral of Siena for 40 years
“What stands out most and what touched me was the sweetness of the sound, the stillness in delivery and a calmness communicated so completely to the audience.” 
—Don Eraldo, Parish of SS. Giacomo and Cristoforo, Robegano, VE
“Sublimely sweet melodies, enchanting harmonies. Music that speaks directly to your soul.”
—Marco Ciannella, Choral Director and musician, Naples
“Highly communicative, transmitting a powerful message instantly captured by the audience.”
—Mario Corrado, Choral Director in Mestre
“Heartfelt thanks for such a warmly entertaining experience; a resounding success for the children in need and their families.”
—Dr. Ugo Serra, President of the G. Gaslini Institute, Genova
(a children’s hospital)
“Their exquisite songs contain messages that offers us an opportunity to reflect in serenity. The lyrics’ simplicity, the sweet melodies, the short time span of each song are captivating and enthralling.”
—Giovanni Agoglia, School Director, Lucca
“A highly effective group and music of great and evocative power.”
—Francesco Gandolfi, President of Unione Pro Loco Emilia Romagna, Piacenza


The Presidential Cup, Second Prize
1st Annual Modial Mariano at Colle di Fuori, Rome, September 16, 1990

Adelaide Ristori Award, September 25, 1990

National Festival of World Peace, First Prize
Chieti, Italy, June 3, 1991