A few prayer testimonials
from those who have received prayers from Ananda members

“Even great outward hardship cannot touch you,
once you have learned to dwell always in the Self within.”
—Paramhansa Yogananda
“When the doctor said, “the brain abscesses have diminished,” and I could finally read, write, speak, and think again in a coherent way, I looked at him and said, ‘It’s like a miracle.’ He quickly corrected me, ‘No, it is a miracle.’ I cried in gratitude for the life that miraculously returned to me. Knowing that the Ananda Prayer Ministry was praying for me eased my fears and gave me hope. Thanks you!”
“A few months ago I asked you to pray for a man who was bitter and very depressed over the death of his wife. I saw him again about a month later and he was very serene. I felt that it had to be the prayers that created such a profound change in him.”
“In May, I requested spiritual healing from your organization for my wife's breast cancer. Her condition was serious so we were doing all that we could think of to do. Her condition has improved substantially. The improvement has been so much and so quick that the doctors are amazed. We believe this is in no small part due to your efforts. At this point we feel we have good reason to expect a full recovery. Thank you very much!”
“Jack, a 70-year old friend of my mother’s, had been undergoing tests done for a couple months and the doctors were convinced that he had cancer (lymphoma) in the intestine. They scheduled a biopsy to remove as much cancerous tissue as possible and suggested follow-up chemo treatment.
Jack is a very likable guy and has many sincere friends, so there were many people of praying for him. After taking an Ananda healing workshop, I began putting more energy into my prayers. I would also hold Jack in the Light whenever I remembered. I often visualized receiving a call from my mother saying the doctors couldn’t find anything.
I put him on the prayer network a few days before the surgery, and included a photo as well. I couldn’t reach my mother until the day after the biopsy. She excitedly told me that the doctors could find nothing except some inflammation and scar tissue that looked precisely as though a surgery had been performed, though it had not! Follow-up tests on the tissue samples they took showed no signs of cancer. I feel prayers were instrumental in Jack’s outcome. Thank you!”
“Thank you for praying for my brother. He returned home after an absence of seven years. He has been off drugs for about one year but he was too ashamed to face the family, until you prayed for him.”