“The goal of yoga science is to calm the mind,
that without distortion it may mirror the divine vision in the universe.”

—Paramhansa Yogananda

Raja Yoga class
The Art & Science
of Raja Yoga

A 16-session immersion
Thursdays, Sept 7-Dec 14, Cost: $445  Register
6-9 pm (and optional meditation 9-9:30 pm)
& two Saturdays, Oct 28 & Nov 11, 9 am-noon
Cost includes course texts, The Art and Science of Raja Yoga, Swami Kriyananda, How to Meditate, John (Jyotish) Novak, and a syllabus.

Students who wish to attend again, see below...

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6 pm Gentle hatha yoga session
6:45 Sadhana (spiritual practices)
7:15 Vegetarian potluck dinner
7:45 Discussion of Raja Yoga
9 Guided practice session (optional)

Energize your life! Immerse yourself in an experience of the Art and Science of Yoga. Raja (Royal) Yoga is a comprehensive approach to life that develops personal character, inner strength and calmness, as well as physical well-being.

Together we’ll explore the ancient wisdom of Yoga and how to apply it to your own life, using practical techniques like meditation, yoga postures, affirmation, and energy control. You will experience the power of breath work to alleviate tension, discover the secrets of success and personal magnetism, and learn how to spiritualize all of your life.

Based on the philosophy of the Eight-Fold Path taught by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, this course does not ask you to accept a dogma, nor are any affiliations with Ananda required or expected.

Raja Yoga is for everyone!

Note: Because this is an immersion that builds over time, we recommend that you email Shanti if you need to start the class after the first 3 weeks.

Instructors: Shanti Rubentone MD, Rammurti Reed, Sita Reed, Heidi Noh-Kuhn, and a team of yoga teachers from the Ananda Yoga Center

Students who wish to attend again (auditors) — Cost: $50  Register
You are very welcome attend if there is room after new student enrollment, and in order of registrations as space allows.


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Raja Yoga class info (PDF)
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Raja Yoga by Swami Kriyananda“It seems that all questions that life presents to us can be solved using these teachings. The course helped me look at habits I have built up over time that keep me stuck, and gave me tools to get free.”
—L. Williams


“Anyone on a spiritual journey needs the fantastic tools offered in this class. I am walking away with a more in-depth understanding, awareness, and overall feeling of joy and inner peace — everything I need to continue my path.”
—C. Wilkerson

Explore these 6 areas of study:

Raja YogaYoga Philosophy: the purpose of life • the dream nature of the world • what is the soul? • karma: the law of life • what is good and evil? • the doctrine of reincarnation • inner spiritual realities (the chakras, kundalini) • what happens when we die? • what is a guru? • the cycles of time (yugas) • how to achieve freedom from suffering • what is God? • the scriptures of Yoga: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita

Hatha Yoga: yoga postures for health • preparation for deep meditation

Pranayama: how breath influences the mind, body, and energy • breathing techniques to reduce fatigue, depression, or lack of mental clarity • techniques for stilling the mind and heart • techniques to calm strong emotions • methods of slowing the heart • health benefits

Meditation: clinical research on meditation • the purpose of meditation • techniques to calm the mind • how to reach deeper states of meditation • meditation as a spiritual practice • the role of the heart (devotion)

Healing: yogic techniques for improved overall health • techniques to help improve conditions including: chronic pain, insomnia, high blood pressure, anxiety, weight problems, digestion, heart ailments, and stress • methods of healing others • healing at a distance • affirmation • prayer

Healthful Foods: how does food affect consciousness? • what types of food are best for physical health? • are there foods that help, or hinder, our spiritual life? • recipes for healthful foods (we’ll enjoy a vegetarian potluck each week, often using recipes from Swami Kriyananda’s, The Art & Science of Raja Yoga)

“The teachers individually and together are wonderful, experienced and caring people. They create a community where the energy is clear and high.”
—S. M.

“I could keep coming to this class for years and never get tired of it. On a scale of 1-10, this is an 11!”
—A. Trowbridge

“...a philosophy and way of being that far surpasses anything I’ve studied before.”
—B. Gallup

“This is a fun class with like-minded people. The content was excellent and made me want to learn more. Great teachers, great energy—and great food.”
—A. Manolov

Yogananda & SwamijiRaja Yoga teachings come from ancient India, passed from teacher to disciple. Swami Kriyananda (right), author of the text we will be using, received his training from Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi. Yogananda was guided by Babaji to share these teachings in the West.

This course is offered twice a year: January-April and September-December.


How to find us


Map of Ananda grounds, so you can easily find your way around once you arrive.

Even if you registered ahead of time, please stop by the Teaching Center to sign in, so we can greet you and direct you to the right classroom. The Teaching Center is located just behind the large temple on El Camino. Enter the courtyard from College, and the building will be on your right. If it's your first time, you may appreciate having the Ananda grounds map handy.