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Live Broadcasts from Ananda Palo Alto

Watch Sunday Services here each week
10 am PST (18:00 UTC/GMT)

We'll also live-stream these special events coming up:

Fri 5/19 Celebrating Swami Kriyananda’s Birthday
7:30 pm
Fri 5/26 The Land of Golden Sunshine - a play 7 pm
Sun 5/27 The Land of Golden Sunshine - a play 7 pm
Sun 8/20 Summer Concert: Sacred Music of Swami Kriyananda 12:15 pm (approx)

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when the event begins. Occasionally it doesn't start right at the official start time
due to technical difficulties. Wait just a bit, and you are usually well rewarded. :)

The links above take you to a desciption of each program.
Return here to watch the live stream itself.

* We'll do our best to stream this public event with Jyotish & Devi.
But because it's at a venue other than our temple (CaƱada College Theater)
we're not certain our technology will prevail. Wish us luck!

All of our offerings are free of charge
Donations are gratefully accepted