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Expanding Light Retreat
Ananda Village
14618 Tyler Foote Road
Nevada City, CA  95959
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Go on retreat to renew your spirits
The Expanding Light Retreat near Nevada City, California

Stepping out of daily responsibilities for a time, we can reflect on what is most important to us and establish new directions for our lives. The Expanding Light Retreat offers a place of Meditating at the Espanding Light outward solitude and peace, to help you reconnect with yourself. It’s located in the beautiful rural foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, 3 ½ hours northeast of San Francisco.


Personal retreat

The most popular program is personal retreat, which allows you to simply relax and renew at your own pace. You are welcome to take part in guided yoga and meditation in the temple. Your stay includes three vegetarian meals a day and time to rest, walk, read, and explore the miles of beautiful walkways and vistas that are a part of Ananda Village—a thriving community of 250 people, homes, schools, and businesses, where the Ananda communities movement began forty years ago.


Guided retreat: workshops and training programs

Conversing at the Expanding LightFor those wishing a more guided retreat experience, The Expanding Light offers a full program of workshops year-round, with support from life-long disciples of Yogananda and master teachers. People from all faiths are welcome; universal spiritual principles are at the heart of Ananda’s programs. Classes and workshops are offered on many topics, including:

Yoga postures    Bhagavad Gita
Meditation   Achieving your goals in life
Raja Yoga   Ananda Yoga Teacher Training
Health and wellness   Meditation Teacher Training
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