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Ananda Community
240 Monroe Drive
Mountain View, CA 94040
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Experience Ananda Community

An intentional spiritual community in Mountain View


Ananda Community is home to many students of Yogananda's teachings — a beautiful oasis of peace in Silicon Valley. Though most of our classes and events take place at the Temple in Palo Alto, some are hosted in the community. Those who are inspired by Yogananda’s teachings may inquire about residency, or drop by for a visit or tour. Call Chidambar or Amara at (650) 669-2244.   Directions


What you’ll find


Personal freedom; personal responsibility

Central to living at Ananda is the freedom of the individual to develop spiritually as he feels inwardly inspired. Residents share a deep desire for God and a spirit of joyful friendship. Residents are naturally considerate of one another and cooperate together to minimize those influences which work against our spiritual practices. Drugs, alcohol, and smoking are not permitted.


“I‘ve lived here for many years while working outside Ananda in a corporate setting. I can easily see what my life would have looked liked if I‘d never moved here. It would have been very easy to slip, bit by bit, away from my spiritual ideals. I have a deep sense of appreciation for the atmosphere of support, and for the deep friendships we share.”
—Cheryl S.


Pushing the edges of growth

The spiritual journey is intensely personal; no one can walk it for you. Our victories and challenges are uniquely our own. At the same time, the work of breaking down the ego and opening to the power of the Divine is the greatest challenge we will ever face. If we are honest with ourselves, we often flinch from the effort.

This is why monasteries and ashrams have been home to seekers for millennia. It is easier to make progress spiritually when in the company of other seekers. And the rough edges of ego that need smoothing come to the surface in community life, that otherwise lie hidden when the soul is working alone.

Residents share what it’s like to live in spiritual community

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