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   Current 3-month calendar of classes and events with links to descriptions and the option to pay and/or register on-line.

Classes & Events
   Explore classes & events by date (linked from the Calendar)
   Classes by topic
       Practical spirituality
       Healing & prayer
       Yoga postures
    Raja Yoga: the complete path of yoga
      Suggestions for newcomes
       Sunday service
       Kirtans & music
       Holidays & special events

   Learn to meditate
   Why learn meditation at Ananda?
Benefits & scientific research
Our spiritual roots
Group meditations
Advanced meditation classes
Kriya Yoga technique
   Science of Kriya Yoga
   Raja Yoga
   The basic beliefs and practices of yoga

   Yoga postures
Yoga teachings Raja Yoga
Basic beliefs and practices of yoga
Spiritual roots
   Yoga postures Instructors
   Yoga retreats
   Books, DVDs & more

   Worship Services
   Pastoral counseling & ministerial support
   Children’s Sunday school
   Hear a sermon
   What we believe
   Families welcome
   Meet the ministers 
   Meet the congregation

   Ananda Music
Recent performances (streaming video)
Purchase music on CD
Kriyananda on music

Audio/Video Talks
   Sunday sermons
       Classes & satsangs
Sunday sermons
       Letters from Asha
Classes & satsangs
Sunday sermons
   More Ananda teachers
       Sunday sermons
   Ananda news
   Video tour of Ananda Palo Alto view with Flash player
   Talks by Swami Kriyananda
   Talks by Ananda ministers worldwide
   Books by Swami Kriyananda
   Music on CD

About Us
   What is Ananda?
   What we believe
   Meet the congregation
   Suggestions for newcomers
   Ministerial services: counseling, weddings, baptisms
      Prayer testimonials
      Prayer request form
   An invitation to membership
      Why tithing?
   Live in an Ananda community
       Residents share
       Why a spiritual community?
   David & Asha, Spiritual Directors
   All ministers & staff
   Swami Kriyananda, founder
   Our spiritual roots
       Why have a guru?
Glossary of yoga terms
 A new renunciate order
   More Ananda resources:
      Overnight retreats: The Expanding Light
      Living Wisdom School for children
          Living Wisdom School testimonials
      East West Bookshop
      Ananda meditation groups
      Ananda worldwide

Contact/Find Us
   Ananda Temple
   Driving directions
   Ananda Community
   Driving directions
   More Ananda resources in the San Francisco Bay Area
Links to Ananda worldwide

Photo Album
   Photos of Yogananda, Swami Kriyananda, Ananda’s line of gurus

On-line Stores (T-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc.—with Ananda artwork)

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