From their very beginnings, harmoniums were made for devotional music: their small size and heart-warming tone make them ideal for personal and group uses. They produce a beautiful organ-like sound using no energy other than a gentle squeezing of their bellows by hand. You will hear them accompanying chanting at Ananda services and special events.


Order a harmonium

In support of this beneficial spiritual practice, we import this harmonium from India. It is highly regarded for the sweetness of its tone and the quality of the workmanship:

Bina Model 23B image of harmonium
3-1/4 octaves with organ-style keys portable with a small built-in handle (reduces to half its full size), double reeds, three air stops, two drone knobs, one tremolo knob, and one coupler lever top-fold bellows. Includes protective carrying case.
$495.00 (includes CA tax)
Shipping ($50.00 by UPS within the continental U.S.)

Simple care instructions are included with each harmonium. With a little loving care, a harmonium will continue to play well for many years, even decades.

These instruments are available at our bookshop, or can be shipped to your home.

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Learning to Play
If you're new to the harmonium, we'll help you learn a few basics about playing the instrument, and connect you with experienced musicians who can provide you with more in-depth lessons.


Books and music for the harmonium

Wave of the Sea
Chants of Yogananda, Kriyananda, and Ancient India

$18.50 (103 pages)

The Harmonium Handbook
Owning, Playing and Maintaining the Devotional Instrument of India

by Satyaki Brockschmidt
This handbook provides detailed instruction in how to play, maintain, and repair this popular devotional instrument. Included is the colorful history of free-reed instruments like the harmonium, which dates back to the time of Marco Polo.
$13 (160 pages)

Paramahansa Yogananda Cosmic Chants
Spiritualized Songs for Divine Communion

Self-Realization Fellowship
$11 (89 pages)


Chanting Opportunities

Kirtan (Group Chanting)
Alternate Fridays each month, 7:30 pm. Check calendar. Join us in an evening of sacred chanting together. Most chants are simple to learn, so you’ll be able to join in easily. We’ll sing many of Yogananda and Kriyananda’s beautiful chants in English, as well as some traditional Indian chants, accompanied by harmonium and guitar.

Classes in chanting or how to play harmonium
We offer periodic workshops on chanting and playing the harmonium. Call (650) 323-3363, x0 to find out if one is scheduled soon, or check our calendar.