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Ananda Yoga classes

Ananda Yoga combines the best of a revitalizing workout with a gentle inward approach that leaves you feeling mentally rejuvenated and peaceful. All of our instructors are both yoga postures experts as well as longtime meditators.

One of the unique features of Ananda Yoga is the use of affirmations with each pose to enhance the mental, spiritual, and physical benefits. Try a few sessions to see what a difference the Ananda Yoga approach can make to your health, strength, and inner peace.

Yoga postures at Ananda Palo Alto standing spinal twistVisit one of the newest yoga studios in the Bay Area, with natural light, high ceilings, hardwood floors: a beautiful place for the practice of yoga.

Ananda Yoga Center
2171 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA
(650) 462-8153


Yoga drop-in class fees

Regular: Drop-in $15, 5-class card $65, 10-class card $120
Seniors and Students: Drop-in $13, 5-class card $60, 10-class card $115

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Yoga postures drop-in schedule

  APRIL Class Time Instructor
  Mondays Gentle Yoga healthy spine 9:30–10:45 am Divya Love (Lori)
    Restorative Yoga 11:30 am–12:45 pm Divya Love (Lori)
    Calming Your Mind w/ Yoga 6–7:15 pm Thi
  Tuesdays Level 1-2 9:30–10:45 am


    Level 1-2 5:45–7 pm Lisa
  Wednesdays Level 1-2 9:30–10:45 am Annapurna
  Thursdays Bilingual Yoga (English y Español) 6–7:15 pm Adriana


  Saturdays Yoga Fundamentals 9:30–10:45 am Divya Love

Level 1-2

11:15–12:30 Adriana

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Yoga workshop descriptions

Beginner/Fundamentals Yoga: students new to Yoga.
You'll learn the basic poses and modifications.

Level 1 Yoga: students with at least 3 months
of experience or for those who enjoy a gentler class.

Level 2 Yoga: is combined with Level 1. Students with at least a year of experience and/or have good body tone and over-all strength.

Gentle: a complement to dynamic and strength based yoga. Consistent stimulation to the connective tissues encourages lon-term health and flexibility of the joints, recharges the energetic system of the body and naturally draws the mind inward into a relaxed, meditative state.

Restorative Yoga: active relaxation. Props are used to allow students to stay in the asana for longer periods of time, promoting deep, healing relaxation. It is in this deep relaxation phase where true physical flexibility and range of motion are developed. Affirmations, spiritual (uplifting) music, and visualizations are used to influence both the subconscious and conscious minds.

Calming your Mind with Yoga: is a new class with a new instructor, Thi. The mind-calming session will end with 15 minutesof meditation.

Expansive Yoga: This class combines the uplifting approach of
Ananda Yoga focusing on body alignment and awareness. It
emphasizes honoring your body yet with an inward approach.

Yoga Bilingual: Clases aptas para nuevos o experimentados practicantes de yoga. Se enfatizan la armonización del espíritu y renovación corporal. Se ofrece para hablantes tanto de español como de inglés. Son excelente complemento para las clases de meditación que ofrece Ananda.
Translation of above: Whether you are a beginner or experimented yoga practitioner, these bilingual classes in Spanish/ English will connect you to diverse postures while you enjoy the multiple benefits of Ananda Yoga. This is the perfect compliment to the meditation classes that Ananda offers to the community.

Yoga for Chakra Awareness: is Hatha Yoga at all levels with emphasis on the chakras and asanas can support the awareness of the flow of energy in the body, moving tthrough the chakras.


“My experience of Ananda Yoga is beyond words. I have become
a much stronger person inside and out. The teachers are so
loving and caring. The focus is not only on the physical aspect
of it, but more so on the mental and spiritual part.”
—F. Maha, Sunnyvale


Helpful guidelines

Yoga postures workshops

None scheduled for this period.


Directions to the Ananda Yoga Center

Ananda Yoga Center
2171 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA
Ample free street parking around the building,
or in the city lot one block south on Cambridge.

Stand in front of the big Ananda sign at the corner of College and El Camino. Right behind the sign is a long walkway with arches. Find your way into that covered walkway, and walk to the left, to the oak door at the end. That's the main entry to the studio.

Map of Ananda Palo ALto grounds


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