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Ananda Yoga combines the best of a revitalizing workout with a gentle inward approach that leaves you feeling mentally rejuvenated and peaceful. All of our instructors are both yoga postures experts as well as longtime meditators.

One of the unique features of Ananda Yoga is the use of affirmations with each pose to enhance the mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of the postures.

The Ananda Yoga Center is a sanctuary and calm oasis in the heart of Silicon Valley. With abundant natural light, high ceilings and hardwood floors, it's a beautiful place for the practice of yoga.

We're located in a historic mission-style church, a landmark on El Camino, right near Stanford University. There is usually plenty of parking in the Temple lot (off El Camino), and on the streets near the Temple. There is also a 2-story city parking lot one block away at Cambridge & Mayfield Lane.

Ananda Yoga Center
2171 El Camino Real    
Palo Alto, CA  Directions

(650) 462-8153

Drop-in Yoga Calendar

Ananda Yoga Center
  •   (650) 462-8153

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
9:30-10:45 am

Awake & Ready Yoga

Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Spine

Community Yoga
(at Ananda Yoga Center)

6-7:15 pm
Inner Bliss Yoga
Peace & Vitality
Inner Bliss Yoga(Intermediate)


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Note: Closed Saturday, 12/8 and
Monday, 12/17 - Tuesday, 1/1 for the holiday season

Drop-in class fees

single class $15, 5-class card $65, 10-class card $120
Seniors and Students: single class $13, 5-class card $60, 10-class card $115

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Ananda Yoga Center Palo Alto

About our drop-in classes                 Workshops coming up

Energy & Resilience
Each Sunday, take a moment to pause, reset and return to your center. Remember that yoga postures are a practice of tapping into your inner strength, again and again. Use this class to pull your energy back in from the fray to uplift and sustain you for the week ahead.

This class incorporates basic moves, techniques for breathing, relaxation, fundamental your positions, plus helpful guidance for preventing and healing injuries. Thorough instruction and hands-on assistance gives beginner students all the basic building blocks to practice. Beginning to intermediate levels. Class themes change monthly.

Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Spine
Gentle yoga is a meditative style of yoga combining classic asanas with affirmation and breath work. This approach strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, and recharges the body. With emphasis on safety and correct alignment, modifications are offered to fit the needs of each individual student. All levels.

Inner Bliss Yoga
Designed to help you experience calmness and joy, this class brings you into your center where bliss resides. Yoga postures and your breath are the bridge to a balanced mind and body, beginning with dynamic poses and then flowing into asanas that draw the mind inward into a relaxed, meditative, blissful state. All levels.

Inner Bliss (Intermediate)
This is a challenging and vigorous class of moderate difficulty. We incorporate pranayama, yoga asanas, and affirmations. Each class ends with deep relaxation and a brief guided meditation. Modifications are offered to fit the needs of individual students. Intermediate level.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga is an opportunity to relax, unwind, and release anxiety and physical tension. Each pose is held for 5 to 10 minutes using props: blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps for support and comfort. Couples with breathing exercises, these long holds promote deep relaxation, balance the nervous system, decrease stress, and increase flexibility and energy flow. All levels.

Peace & Vitality
Ananda Yoga emphasizes not just the physical aspects of each ancient pose, but also the spiritual aspects. In this class, we will strengthen the body while reducing tension and awakening energy and vitality. Silent affirmations are offered for each poses and we end with a short guided meditation. All levels.

Yoga for Strength & Stillness
This class engages the body and mind by going deep into each posture using the breath and affirmation. A typical class has pranayama practice, easy to moderate level postures and simple visualizations to move energy to higher centers of the body. This class can be enjoyed by all, but especially those who like to hold asana postures for longer than usual.

Awake & Ready!
This dynamic yoga class focuses on awakening energy with an emphasis on balance, stability and strength. Start your day energized & refreshed! All levels.

Community Yoga
(Suggested donation of $5-10)

Come and experience Ananda Yoga with Certified Ananda yoga teachers. We believe in making yoga accessible to all. In the spirit of this we are offering an affordable, donation-based class on Saturdays. This is a perfect opportunity to meet our teachers and enjoy an inward experience of yoga postures. All levels welcome. (Note: This class is at the Ananda Yoga Center, not Ananda Community)


“My experience of Ananda Yoga is beyond words. I have become
a much stronger person inside and out. The teachers are so
loving and caring. The focus is not only on the physical aspect
of it, but more so on the mental and spiritual part.”
—F. Maha, Sunnyvale


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Yoga postures workshops coming up


Register button iconRestorative Yoga Workshop
Sunday, December 9, 2:30-5 pm, $40      
Restorative Yoga is a calm and gentle style of yoga that utilizes props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps). Each pose is held for 5-10 minutes Bhawanito help you relax, still your mind, release layers of physical tension, and increase overall wellness. Benefits Include:

As the leaves fall and winter emerges, use your Sunday to nurture yourself through comforting yoga postures, soothing music, self massage, and breathing techniques. You’ll go home refreshed and with tools to help you relax at home.
Instructor: Bhawani Hannah Isaacson, E-RYT 200


Intuitive Counseling Training

Practical skills for guiding others in their personal,
professional, and spiritual life

17 Sundays, Jan 13-Nov 17, 2019, 1:30-5:30 pm •  Learn more
& 1 Saturday day-long retreat, Aug 24 (location pending) 

Heidi & DougThis 9-month program weaves together yogic teachings, coaching tools and spiritual counseling practices for supporting others in their life journey. It's ideal for those in leadership roles—teachers, mentors, supervisors, managers— who would like to develop their interpersonal skills, and learn how to draw out the best in others. Bi-monthly sessions include lecture, group discussion, class exercises, and home practices for applying the materials personally and professionally. Contact Vivekadevi or Doug with questions.

Cost (training, materials): $2,300 • Register
Early-bird (thru 12/16/18): $2,000 • Register
Regrets; no 10% discount for this immersion

Jan 13 & 27 June 2
Feb 10 & 24 Sat, August 24   (day-long retreat)
Mar 10 & 24 Sept 8 & 22
April 7 & 28 Oct 6 & 20
May 12 & 19 Nov 3 & 17

Instructors: Doug Andrews (E-RYT 500) 
Vivekadevi Noh-Kuhn (RYT 500)

Ananda Yoga Center, 2171 El Camino, Palo Alto • Directions

Raja Yoga by Swami KriyanandaTwice each year
The Art & Science of Raja Yoga
A 4-month immersion

Thursdays, Jan 10-Apr 25, 2019, 6-9 pm
optional guided practice: 9-9:30 pm
Cost: $525  Register

Cost includes course texts, The Art and Science of Raja Yoga, Swami Kriyananda, How to Meditate, John (Jyotish) Novak, and a syllabus.    

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6 pm Gentle hatha yoga session
6:45 Sadhana (spiritual practices)
7:15 Vegetarian potluck dinner
7:45 Discussion of Raja Yoga teachings
9-9:30 Guided practice session (optional)

One of our most popular offerings is this 4-month immersion. Raja Yoga encompasses all the different types of Yoga, including meditation, devotional practices, dispassionate discrimination and wisdom, as well as the yoga asanas well-known in the West.

Raja Yoga offers a scientific approach to the spiritual life, with techniques for stilling the mind and expanding our awareness of spiritual realities. It offers techniques for self-mastery in every aspect of life, from calming turbulent emotions to awakening deep compassion and love for others.

Ultimately, it is a well-explored pathway, walked by countless yogis and mystics, to union with God.

The teachings of Raja Yoga are compatible with the core teachings of all the great world religions. Devoted members of other faiths are also an active part of Ananda.
Instructors: Shanti Rubentone MD and guest teachers; Vivekadevi Noh-Kuhn, and a team of yoga teachers from the Ananda Yoga Center
Ananda Temple, 2171 El Camino, Palo Alto • Directions

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Ananda Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)    
September 8, 2018–June 8, 2019   Learn more...
with Heidi Noh-Kuhn and Doug Andrews

YTT 2017 “An extraordinary immersion in a world of healing and higher consciousness. This is a life-changing program for aspiring yoga teachers, and for the countless lives your teaching will touch in the years to come.”
—Shanti Rubenstone, MD

200 hours, Level 1        Register button icon
All-inclusive cost (training, materials): $2,600*      
Enables you to register upon graduation with Yoga Alliance

Uplift and heal others by becoming a certified Ananda Yoga instructor. It’s a great joy to be part of the global movement of professional yoga teachers — helping the stressed masses, yearning to breathe free.

Heidi & DougThis comprehensive training will give you an extraordinary depth of knowledge and experience in the art and science of hatha yoga, physiology, yoga as a preparation for meditation, working with students’ physical limitations, teaching practicums, and the philosophy of Yoga which underlies the physical poses. One of the unique features of Ananda Yoga is the use of affirmations with each pose to enhance the mental, spiritual, and physical benefits.

Contact Vivekadevi or Doug to ask questions, request an application or to set up a required in-person interview.

Instructors: Doug Andrews, E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance
Vivekadevi Noh-Kuhn, RYT 500 Yoga Allianc


Yoga and 12 Steps

Yoga and the 12 Steps
Mondays, September 10-December 10, 6-9 pm
$895 (13 week course)   Register

Regrets; no 10% discount for online registration
Ideal for anyone looking to dive more deeply into the teachings and practices of yoga in daily life, and yoga teachers interested in expanding their skills for working with those in recovery. Each week focuses on a spiritual principle and the opportunity for healing and transformation it offers. Paired with the tools and teachings of yoga, we learn how to welcome and integrate these powerful gifts into daily life. A combination of lecture, group discussion, gentle yoga postures and silent reflection, this class weaves together the time-tested teachings of yoga with the spiritual foundation of the 12 Steps and provides practical tools for building a strong and resilient inner life. Those pursuing Level II Yoga Teacher Training will receive 32.5 hrs credit with the Ananda Bay Area School of Yoga & Meditation.
Ananda Yoga Center, 2171 El Camino, Palo Alto • Directions
Instructors: Doug Andrews, E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance
Vivekadevi Noh-Kuhn, RYT 500 Yoga Alliance


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Ananda Yoga Center
2171 El Camino Real      Directions
Palo Alto, CA
(650) 462-8153
Ample free street parking around the building,
or in the city lot one block south on Cambridge.

Stand in front of the big Ananda sign at the corner of College and El Camino. Right behind the sign is a long walkway with arches. Find your way into that covered walkway, and walk to the left, to the oak door at the end. That's the main entry to the studio.

Map of Ananda Palo ALto grounds


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Yoga retreats

Take time for a spiritual retreat in quiet, rural northern California, four hours from the bustle of the Bay Area. Participate in a class or retreat on your own at Ananda's Expanding Light Retreat at Ananda Village, near Nevada City, CA.

Raja Yoga: The Complete Path of Yoga

Raja Yoga encompasses all the different types of Yoga, including meditation, devotional practices, dispassionate discrimination and wisdom, as well as the physical postures well-known in the West.