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Ananda Yoga Center
2171 El Camino Real    
Palo Alto, CA  Directions

(650) 462-8153

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About Ananda Yoga    

Ananda Yoga combines the best of a revitalizing workout with a gentle inward approach that leaves you feeling mentally rejuvenated and peaceful. All of our instructors are both yoga postures experts as well as longtime meditators.

One of the unique features of Ananda Yoga is the use of affirmations with each pose to enhance the mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of the postures. Try a few sessions to see what a difference the Ananda Yoga approach can make in your life.

The Ananda Yoga Center is a sanctuary and calm oasis in the heart of Silicon Valley. With abundant natural light, high ceilings and hardwood floors, it's a beautiful place for the practice of yoga.

We're located in a historic mission-style church, a landmark on El Camino, right near Stanford University. There is usually plenty of parking in the Temple lot (off El Camino), and on the streets near the Temple. There is also a 2-story city parking lot one block away at Cambridge & Mayfield Lane.

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March Drop-in Yoga Calendar

Ananda Yoga Center
(650) 462-8153

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
7:30-8:45 am

Awake and Ready Yoga Sharmila

9:30-10:45 am
Inner Bliss Yoga

Yoga for Peace and Vitality

Yoga for Wellness

Inner Bliss Yoga
Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Spine

Yoga Fundamentals

6-7:15 pm
Inner Bliss Yoga
Inner Bliss Yoga


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7:30-8:45 pm

Inner Bliss Yoga
Restorative Yoga


Drop-in class fees

single class $15, 5-class card $65, 10-class card $120
Seniors and Students: single class $13, 5-class card $60, 10-class card $115

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Ananda Yoga Center Palo Alto

About our drop-in classes

The class covers basic moves, techniques for breathing and relaxation, fundamental yoga positions, plus helpful guidance for preventing and healing from injury. Ample demonstration, thorough instruction and hands-on assistance give beginner students all the basic building blocks to practice. More advanced students will find theFundamentals class useful in deepening their practice, as well as being a relaxing and centering experience.

Ananda Yoga for Peace and Vitality
Ananda Yoga emphasizes not just the physical aspects of each ancient pose, but also the spiritual. In this class we will strengthen the body while reducing tension and awakening energy and vitality. Silent affirmations are offered for each pose and we end with a short guided meditation. Recommended for all levels.

Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Spine
Gentle yoga is a meditative style of yoga that combines classic asanas with affirmation and breath work. This approach strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, recharges the energy system of the body and naturally draws the mind inward to a relaxed, meditative state. With emphasis on safety and correct alignment, modifications are offered to fit he needs of each individual student. Suitable for all levels.

Inner Bliss Yoga
This beginning to moderate class is designed to help you experience calmness and joy and bring you into your center where bliss resides. We will use yoga postures and our breath as the bridge to balance mind and body, beginning with dynamic poses and then flowing into asanas that draw the mind inward into a relaxed, meditative, blissful state.

Lunchtime Yoga
This class is an energizing mid-day boost that links physical movement with breath to help you let go of stress and worry, build strength and stamina and rejuvenate your mind. A short, guided meditation at the end will give you calm focus for the rest of your day.

Candlelight Yoga
Revitalize your energy after a busy day using the glow of candlelight. We will practice powerful and gentle yoga asanas, energization exercises, and conscious breathing. These techniques combined with restorative poses and mindful affirmations will help restore your body, mind, and spirit to its natural state of peace and joy.

Awake and Ready Yoga
Start your day with Awake and Ready Yoga! Exercises and yoga postures combined with affirmations and conscious breathing help awaken and invigorate the body and lead you into a positive, calm attitude. Deep relaxation and a brief meditation create a peaceful center to prepare you for the day’s events ahead. All levels.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga is an opportunity to relax, unwind, and release anxiety and physical tension. We begin by moving and warming up our bodies, then transition into poses held for 5 to 10 minutes using props, including blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps for support and comfort. These long holds, coupled with breathing exercises, promote deep relaxation, which balances the nervous system, decreases stress, heals the mind and body, and increases flexibility and energy flow. Beneficial for beginning to advanced students.

Yoga for Wellness
Reduce stress, quiet your mind, and heal yourself with yoga. Yoga for Wellness enhances energy flow and well- being in the body, mind, and spirit. This class builds strength and increases flexibility using classic asanas, unwinding stretches, and breath connection. We end with a short centering meditation to uplift you for your day. All levels.


“My experience of Ananda Yoga is beyond words. I have become
a much stronger person inside and out. The teachers are so
loving and caring. The focus is not only on the physical aspect
of it, but more so on the mental and spiritual part.”
—F. Maha, Sunnyvale


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Yoga postures workshops  


DivyaGo from Hostage to Hero of Your Health
3 Keys to Living Well with Chronic Illness

Saturday, March 11, 2-4 pm, free     Register button icon Register icon       Register icon Register icon

Ever feel like a hostage to your health challenges? Wish you had more energy? More peace? More vitality? More balance? Learn key strategies to navigate the delicate terrain of chronic illness. Whether managing chronic illness for years or just diagnosed, you WILL leave this workshop feeling more in tune with the Truth . . . "You are not broken. You are breaking through.” Register for this free workshop and be empowered and supported to “Live from your Light Instead of Your Wound™.”

Divya Love Lori Wise has managed a chronic illness (Mollaret’s Meningitis, a rare recurring form of viral meningitis/encephalitis) for 8 years. During this time she has still been able to lead a busy professional life and graduate from a number of healthcare and certification programs. She brings a true understanding of how challenging and isolating it can be to navigate life with chronic illness.

Divya is a master at creating sacred space within her workshops. Her extensive background in yoga, meditation, yoga therapy, coaching in energy management, women’s empowerment and wellness along with her experiential wisdom make these workshops deeply transformational.

Free but space is limited. Register at MindBody or call 650-462-8153


Yoga Therapy for Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia
Unveil Your True Balanced Self
Saturdays, 2–4:30 pm, Apr 8               Register button icon Register icon

AdrianaInitial consult and 1st workshop: $85
Additional workshops: $50 each

Complete series: Initial consult & 3 workshops: $145

Once the initial consultation and first class have been completed, the workshops may be taken individually. There are no prerequisites

Yoga Therapy uses yogic principles and techniques to address our unique, individual reactions to stress. Join us in these monthly workshops aimed at bringing us back to physical, mental and emotional balance. Reduce stress, anxiety, and improve your diet and sleep patterns. No previous experience is necessary. Each monthly workshop includes a free personal Yoga Therapy consultation (scheduled separately from class). Benefits:

Due to the personalized character of these classes, it is necessary that all participants be assessed by the Yoga Therapy Practitioner before attending the group workshops. An initial consultation can last up to 1.5 hours, during which your needs are assessed, and your personalized yoga practice created.

“Yoga therapy focuses on health and wellness: physical, psychological and spiritual. It focuses on the path of Yoga as a healing journey that brings balance to the body and mind, awakening our true essential nature.”
—Joseph LePage

Instructor: Adriana Buenaventura

Twice each year
The Art & Science of Raja Yoga
A 16-week immersion
The next series: Thursdays, July 6-October 26    Register
6-9 pm 
Raja Yoga by Swami KriyanandaCost: $395 plus course texts:
The Art and Science of Raja Yoga ($27), Swami Kriyananda
and How to Meditate ($13), John (Jyotish) Novak

Register online for a 10% discount   Register

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6 pm Gentle hatha yoga session
7 pm Vegetarian pot-luck, meditation
8 pm Study and discussion

Energize your life! Immerse yourself in an experience of the Art and Science of Yoga. Raja (Royal) Yoga is a comprehensive approach to life that develops personal character, inner strength and calmness, as well as physical well-being.

Together we’ll explore the ancient wisdom of Yoga and how to apply it to your own life, using practical techniques like meditation, yoga postures, affirmation, and energy control. You will experience the power of breath work to alleviate tension, discover the secrets of success and personal magnetism, and learn how to spiritualize all of your life.

Based on the philosophy of the Eight-Fold Path taught by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, this course does not ask you to accept a dogma, nor are any affiliations with Ananda required or expected.

Raja Yoga is for everyone!

Instructors: Shanti Rubentone MD, Rammurti Reed, Sita Reed, Steven Manus, Saranya LaCosse, and a team of yoga teachers from the Ananda Yoga Center

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Instructors: Shanti Rubentone MD, Rammurti Reed, Sita Reed, Steven Manus, Saranya LaCosse, and a team of yoga teachers from the Ananda Yoga Center




Ananda Yoga Center
2171 El Camino Real      Directions
Palo Alto, CA
(650) 462-8153
Ample free street parking around the building,
or in the city lot one block south on Cambridge.

Stand in front of the big Ananda sign at the corner of College and El Camino. Right behind the sign is a long walkway with arches. Find your way into that covered walkway, and walk to the left, to the oak door at the end. That's the main entry to the studio.

Map of Ananda Palo ALto grounds


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Yoga retreats

Take time for a spiritual retreat in quiet, rural northern California, four hours from the bustle of the Bay Area. Participate in a class or retreat on your own at Ananda's Expanding Light Retreat at Ananda Village, near Nevada City, CA.

Books DVD's and more

Raja Yoga: The Complete Path of Yoga

Raja Yoga encompasses all the different types of Yoga, including meditation, devotional practices, dispassionate discrimination and wisdom, as well as the physical postures well-known in the West.