Meditation for Health & Happiness

Have you considered developing a regular meditation practice as a way to find more balance and experience inner peace in the midst of a busy life? Or perhaps you have tried meditation and are looking for ways to rejuvenate your practice with clear instructions and a practical step by step curriculum? If so, this course is exactly what you are looking for.

This online course presents a practical approach to meditation based on the ancient teachings of Yoga as taught by the great Indian teacher Paramhansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi) and the techniques presented here are part of the tradition of Kriya Yoga

This two-week program consists of ten videos that offer clear and concise instructions on various topics related to beginning meditation and ways to build a personal practice. The course is sponsored by Ananda Palo Alto, one of the oldest and largest meditation centers in the San Francisco Bay Area that has trained over thousands in the art and science of meditation over the last 40 years. All the course instructors you will meet  speak from the depth of their personal experience gained over years of meditation practice.

The course provides a comprehensive curriculum built to help you establish a meditation practice at the comfort of your own home. It provides:

  • An overview of the meaning and purpose of meditation.

  • Scientific understanding of how meditation affects the brain based on latest research.

  • A basic meditation technique that works with your breath and helps relax at will.

  • Tips and tools to build a daily meditation practice

Post-course completion we provide ongoing support in sustaining your meditation practice through:

  • A wealth of online resources on various topics.

  • Personal support from trained meditation teachers.

  • Ways to deepen your practice further or pursue advanced lessons if you choose to.

Questions? Feel free to email us at