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New to Ananda?

Our offerings are designed so you can jump in anywhere that interests you. If you’d appreciate some advice, these are some helpful beginnings:

Learn to Meditate

Meditation brings clarity and peace of mind, and a deep sense of connectedness with the world around us and with ourselves. Western medicine also recommends meditation for its many health benefits, from relief of insomnia and pain, to lower blood pressure. A 4-week series is offered each month, Wednesdays at 7:30 pm. Or you may attend a single Saturday session, 10 am-1 pm.

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New to Ananda:
Welcome & Orientation

Last Thursday of each month

Hear a little about Ananda's teaching, offerings, and roots in a causal setting. This evening is designed to answer questions in an informal and engaging way. Meet at the Teaching Center, the orange building just behind the Temple on El Camino
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“Your explanations were so clear, I understand things that I’ve simply never understood before, even though I’ve been a serious spiritual seeker for many years. But what really touches me is how welcome I feel.”
— Deborah

Families & Children

The first Saturday of each month is Family Worship. Every Sunday during the adult worship service, children can attend Sunday School from 10-11:30. Child care is also provided for the little ones.

Learn about family-welcoming events, including nature outings and holiday fun.


Saturday morning classes

Saturday classes are nearly all 3 hours from 10 am to 1 pm. They’re an easy way to explore an interesting topic in a single session. Study Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras or the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Learn how to develop courage, strengthen devotion, integrate spirituality and daily life more fully.


Watch a recent Sunday service here, or watch live.

Sunday morning service   

10 am Sunday service
9 am meditation & fire ceremony
(offered before service; optional)

Ananda is a place for inquiring, intelligent people. It’s also a place where joyful music and devotion are freely expressed. The service includes chanting, a short period of meditation, a talk, and a closing ceremony, Festival of Light. The Bible and the Bhagavad Gita are the guiding scriptures. Sunday service begins at 10 am. 

We live stream all Sunday services and special events.


Kirtan (Chanting)    

Friday evenings
1st & 3rd Friday night, 7:30 pm
but check the
calendar, as sometimes special events may affect the kirtan schedule
Kirtan is a sacred practice to open the heart and lift us into higher states of awareness. The chants are simple to sing and powerfully transforming. Kirtan is at the main Temple in Palo Alto, and is generally a period of group singing followed by short periods of meditation. Friday night kirtan begins at 7:30 pm and is free. 


The Art & Science of Raja Yoga

A 4-month immersion starting in Jan & Aug

One of our most popular offerings is this 4-month immersion. Raja Yoga encompasses all the different types of Yoga, including meditation, devotional practices, dispassionate discrimination and wisdom, as well as the yoga asanas well-known in the West. 

Raja Yoga offers a scientific approach to the spiritual life, with techniques for stilling the mind and expanding our awareness of spiritual realities. It offers techniques for self-mastery in every aspect of life, from calming turbulent emotions to awakening deep compassion and love for others. Ultimately, it is a well-explored pathway, walked by countless yogis and mystics, to union with God.


On-line inspiration

You may wish to bookmark these pages, and return often to see new inspirational video and audio talks. The internet is a great gift to spiritual seekers in every corner of the world who may not have the support of other like-minded souls nearby. And it’s also a blessing for anyone who isn’t able to attend an event in person. Where to begin?


Remarkable books

Autobiography of a Yogi, First Edition 

by Paramhansa Yogananda
This book appears regularly on lists of the most influential spiritual books of the last 100 years. Yogananda’s extraordinary stories of saints and miracles are startling testimony to humanity’s capacity for direct, personal communion with God. Written in 1946, it has been translated into 19 languages and is used in colleges as a textbook in Yoga and Indian philosophy.

The New Path: My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda

by Swami Kriyananda
A companion to Yogananda’s AutobiographyThe Path is the captivating story of a young American man’s longing for truth, his many adventures along the way, and a remarkable meeting with Paramhansa Yogananda, when he became a disciple at the age of 21. With hundreds of stories about Yogananda not found anywhere else, this book is a remarkable guide to walking the spiritual path.

The Essence of Self-Realization—The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda

compiled by Swami Kriyananda
A compilation by Swami Kriyananda of his guru’s words as he remembered and recorded them. Each chapter is devoted to an essential aspect of the spiritual life, including karma, reincarnation, grace, the need for a guru, meditation, and prayer.

More books by Swami Kriyananda

How to Meditate 

by John Jyotish Novak
Complete with photos and illustrations, this book is the classic, step-by-step guide to the art and science of meditation. Meditation can bring increased vitality, clarity of mind, and ultimately, inner communion with God. You’ll learn ancient techniques for relaxing body and mind; how to develop devotion and intuition, and the fundamentals of Yoga philosophy.

Swami Kriyananda as We Have Known Him

by Asha Praver
Asha has been a student and friend of Swami Kriyananda since their first meeting in 1969. From the beginning, she has taken copious notes of her own experiences and conversations with him, and the experiences of many others. A gifted storyteller, she draws universal life lessons from these personal reminiscences—200 remarkable stories of love, extraordinary compassion, and of miracles. 

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