Kylie Dang

Kylie Dang.jpg

Kylie is a certified Ananda Restorative Yoga Teacher and medical intuitive energy healer with a full-time practice in Santa Clara. She has been practicing different forms of yoga since 2004 and has now found her calling in Ananda Yoga.

She creates a safe and protective environment in her yoga classes so students can be completely present in the moment. Here they can tune into their breath, feel what happens inside and accept themselves as they are. Her experience with energy healing helps her to guide students in clearing blocked channels.

Kylie enjoys teaching a softer, slower and healing form of yoga, e.g. Gentle, Yin and Restorative. She helps students feel a greater sense of connection with their higher Selves through breathing. Kylie is very passionate about teaching beginning students and working with them as they discover yoga. She believes yoga can change every aspect of one’s life.