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Kriya Prep 1

  • Ananda Temple 2171 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA, 94306 United States (map)

Thursdays, May 2-June 6
Six-week series • Cost: $150

Prerequisite: Meditation 1 (Learn to Meditate) or the Raja Yoga Series

The secret of success in life, and in meditation practice, is to be able to generate energy at will and direct it where you wish.

In this series, you will learn Yogananda’s Energization Exercises to develop concentration, will, clarity of mind and calmness. In addition, we will learn to experience meditation as a means of awakening the heart and developing a devotional, inner relationship with God. This, Yogananda calls the “divine romance.” We will explore as an intimate relationship, not blind or passive, but requiring courage and dynamic will.

Enjoy this deep dive into Yogananda’s meditation techniques. And if you wish, you may go on to Kriya Prep 2 and 3, and take Kriya Initiation at Ananda.

Whether one is planning to take initiation or not, all are welcome. These invaluable techniques stand on their own and will be a powerful addition to your spiritual practices.

Cost: $150
Register online for 10% discount ($135)