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Music: favorite performances

Nearly all the music you’ll hear at Ananda is written by Swami Kriyananda, a prolific composer of some 400 pieces. His music is unusually beautiful, with a healing and spiritual power that touches many. For Ananda singers, the music is a joyful part of our spiritual practice and seva (service) to listeners. Pieces by other composers are at the bottom, and are also included with holiday concert sets.


“Christ Lives” an Oratorio
singers & musicians • 4/7/19
video | audio

Christmas Sacred Music Concert
singers • 12/02/18
video | audio (click to download all MP3s)

Fall Soloist Concert • September 2018
video | audio (click to download all MP3s)


They Have Heard Thy Name - Saiganesh, Rita (dance) (Cosmic Chants (1938)
audio | video

Cherish These / Praise Ye the Lord


Krishna's Flute - Navashen
audio | video

Blessed Are They - David E 

Erica singing.jpg

2017 Winter Afternoon Concert
audio | video | (click to download all MP3s)

A few audience favorites (on video): 
Cantico - Saiganesh
Come Away Death - everyone, vocal and instrumental
Cantigas Santa Maria (Alfonso) - Saiganesh
I Wonder - Saiganesh
Life is a Dream
Looking for a Friend - Navashen on solo
Divine Love’s Sorrows - Sai & Karen
God’s Call Within - Navashen, Saiganesh, & Todd
Love is a Magician - Jasmin & Todd (instrumental)
Woodland Devas-Sprites - Jasmin, Navashen, & Todd (instrumental) 

When My Dream’s Dream is Done - Saiganesh
audio | video

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Ah, Moon of My Delight - Swamiji
audio (exquisite)

Summer Concert 2017
audio  (click to download all MP3s)
video (Part 1) | video (Part 2) | video (Part 3)

A few audience favorites:
Woodland Devas Sprites
The Secret of Laughter
Hawaiiana - Saiganesh
New Dawn
Hello There, Brother Bluebell
Where He Dwells, Barbara

Ananda choir.jpg

Christmas Concert 2016
audio | video (download all MP3s) 

Valentine's Day Concert, 2016
audio (download all MP3s)

A few favorites:
Life is a Dream

It Was a Lover & His Lass
Who Is Sylvia
Irish Lullaby 
In the Garden
Brother James’ Air

In the Spirit - David E

Memories - ensembles

In the Garden - men’s group

Blessed - Choir

Christmas Concert, 2015
video | audio (download all MP3s)

Mother of Wisdom


Midsummer Night's Concert, July 2015
audio (all MP3s)
video (full concert) 
A few favorites:
audio | video   Canticle of the Creatures, Saiganesh
audio | video   Come Away, Death - Santosh & Barbara
video   Dublin Town, Tandava

I've Passed My Life as a Stranger Saiganesh
audio | video

Christmas Concert, 2014
video | audio (click to download all MP3s)
a few concert favorites:
      video   O Holy Night - Adam
      video   Riu Riu Chiu - Adam & men’s group 
      video   Seven Rejoices of Mary - Karen

Jon Anderson - Karen
audio | video

Saiganesh & Navashen singing outdoors.jpg

Looking for a Friend - Biraj

God, God, God - Saiganesh

The Song of the Nightingale - Santosh  
audio | video

Love is a Magician - Santosh

Om Song - Dambara  

The Shawl of Gold - Karen  
audio | video

I've Passed My Life as a Stranger - Karen  

Where Has My Love Gone? - Karen  
audio, 2008 with Frank

To Death I’m a Stranger - Dambara & choir  
audio | video

Divine Love’s Sorrows - Karen, 9/12/14

Mother of Us All - Karen, July, 2015

Looking for a Friend - Biraj and ensemble, 9/13/15

What is Love? - Karen with Todd on piano
audio (from Land of Golden Sunshine play)
complete video of 2016 play
complete video of 2017 play

Why? - Karen with Todd on piano
audio (from Land of Golden Sunshine play)

Saranya singing.jpg

Christ Lives: An Oratorio 
video - complete concert, 2012

audio - Karen, Chaitanya, Parkle, Satyana
audio | video - Karen & Tandava

Home is a Green Hill - choir

The Divine Mother - Chaitanya & Biraj   
audio | video

To Death I’m a Stranger - Adam/choir
audio | video

Go On Alone - ensemble, 2016

Instrumental favorites

Celtic Moonrise - David, cello  

New Dawn - David, cello

Love is the Search for One’s Own Self - David, cello


Pieces by other composers

There is No Rose of Such Virtue
12/23/18, small group
video | audio

In the Garden  (a piece Yogananda loved) 
audio | video

O Holy Night
December, 2014 concert, Adam


Riu Riu Chiu
December, 2014 concert, Adam & men’s group

Seven Rejoices of Mary
December, 2014 concert, Karen