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Sunday service

Watch Sunday Services here each week
10 am PDT (17:00 UTC/GMT)

This photo collage (above) will go black right before a broadcast, and then the event will appear.

Special events

We'll also live-stream any special events coming up.

Note: This really IS the right page to see the next Live Stream event. The live stream will start up on its own when the event begins. Occasionally it doesn't start right at the official start time due to technical difficulties. Wait just a bit, and you are usually well rewarded. :)

Note: Some Windows 10 users are having challenges with our in-website live-stream. If so, just head to our Facebook page, and scroll down a bit to find the stream.

All of our offerings are free of charge; donations are gratefully accepted

on Facebook

Ananda Palo Alto page

We stream Sunday services on our Facebook page, special events/holidays, Asha's Conversations class, and whatever else we think might be of interest to you. We’re streaming more events this way than from within our website.

Keep an eye open — if it looks especially interesting on our calendar, it's likely to be streamed on Facebook. Scroll down our page a bit to find the stream.