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Our Spiritual Lineage: Sri Yukteswar

  • Ananda Teaching Center 2171 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA United States (map)


Wednesdays, May 1-June 5, 7:30-9 pm
Cost: $75 for 6-week series
or $15/class

May 22: Sri Yukteswar

“He fitted the Vedic definition of a man of God. ‘Softer than the flower where kindness is concerned, stronger than thunder, where principles are at stake.’ He taught by sublimity of example alone the true measure of a man.”
—Paramhansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

Yukteswar was a disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya, and Yogananda’s guru. An “incarnation of wisdom,” he possessed a keen intellect and discrimination. He received two commissions from Babaji. One was to write “a short book on the underlying unity between the Christian and Hindu scriptures, to show that the inspired sons of God have spoken the same truths.” This book is The Holy Science. The second was to train Yogananda for his mission to the West. Early in life, Yukteswar was married; later he became a renunciate and lived in his hermitage near Calcutta, India. Sri is a respectful title meaning “holy.” Yukteswar means “united to Ishwara” (the name of God in his aspect as the Cosmic Ruler).

Ananda’s lineage of Masters are deeply rooted in the teachings of Self-realization. Each week we will explore the life of one of these great teachers, weaving together the story of their immense wisdom, power, and love. The masters come, not to show us how great they are, but to show us how great we, ourselves, can become.

Instructor: Lakshmi LaPine

Cost: $75 for 6-week series or $15/class
Register online for 10% discount

May 1: Jesus (Saranya)
May 8: Babaji (Saiganesh)
May 15: Lahiri Mahasaya (Tandava)
May 22: Sri Yukteswar (Lakshmi)
May 29: Yogananda (Shanti)
June 5: Swami Kriyananda, friend and guide (Asha)