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The Yugas: Ancient History and Future Consciousness

  • Ananda Teaching Center 2171 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA United States (map)

Saturday, October 26, 10am, $30


What is the future for mankind? For this planet? Is there a larger pattern to human history? Sri Yukteswar presented a fascinating description of distinct ages (yugas) that our planet cycles through every 24,000 years. Each of the four yugas profoundly affects man’s consciousness, from the highest spiritual age to the lowest material age. The matter-bound civilizations of recent history were preceded by higher ages of the ancient past, that left behind such anomalies as the Great Pyramid. Studying the yugas helps explain our current age of energy awareness and rapid change. We get a glimpse of a profoundly hopeful future, in which greater spirituality and intuition will be gifts not only of a few, but many more people around the earth.

Instructor: Brahmachari Tandava

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