Greg (Sundara) Traymar

Greg has been personally trained by Joseph Cornell to lead Sharing Nature U.S.A He is a gifted and inspiring teacher and wins friends wherever he travels. He has led the Sharing Nature workshops in many parts of the United States, as well as Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, Slovenia, Sweden and Thailand.

Nayaswami Padma

Padma has a wealth of practical experience managing Ananda businesses and people. She we involved for 26 years bringing Swami Kriyananda’s books to the world through Crystal Clarity, Publishers. She worked closely with Swami Kriyananda during some of his most prolific years of writing. In her classes and talks, she weaves spiritual teachings with memorable stories. Padma is a Lightbearer and Kriyacharya, and director of Ananda Washington.

Nayaswami Hriman

Hriman’s early studies in Catholic theology give him a profound respect for the shared truths of all religions, and the practical benefits of Raja Yoga. Audiences at his Sunday services and classes appreciate his gentle humor and practical insights for living, drawn from the ancient yoga teachings. Hriman is a Lightbearer and Kriyacharya, and director of Ananda Washington.

Carianne James

Carianne James is the Visual Arts Director for Living Wisdom School at Ananda Village, Nevada City, CA. Her "out of the box" techniques help people loosen up, drop their self-judgments, and feel a joyful, creative flow. Her style is playful, non-threatening, and affirmative.

“Carianne is an inspired, nurturing, intuitive art teacher. She is guaranteed to boost your confidence and help you expand!” 

—E.F., Nevada City, CA

David Eby

David Eby, professional cellist, music director for Ananda and creator of “The Four Accords of the Inspired Musician, has spent the past 15 years exploring the relationship between music and consciousness. He was the music producer and costar for the film, Finding Happiness. He brings his 30 years of performing and conducting around the world and 25 years of teaching into a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.

Dana Lynne Andersen

Dana is a multimedia artist, writer, playwright and teacher whose paintings have been featured on the covers of books, magazines and calendars. Her artwork and as her visionary thinking has been profiled in newspapers, radio and television. Dana is a loving and inspiring teacher, a “Vesuvius of creativity” and an “important visionary for the consciousness community.” She is the founder and creative director of The Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness with centers in Portland and Assisi, Italy.

Zach & Hailey

Zach and Hailey have been involved with the Ananda Farm in Washington since the beginning. Zach is passionate about trees; grafting, planting, and sharing. You can find him in the garden sowing seeds and getting the little (and big) things done! Hailey is devoted to herbs in the garden and in the medicine cabinet. She shares the fruits of their labors at farmer’s markets in the area. They are dynamos of energy and vision, and wonderful speakers.