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An invitation to membership

“Good company is essential on the spiritual path. Whether your energy will move inward toward God, or outward toward the world, is determined, to a large extent, by the company you keep.”
— Paramhansa Yogananda

Has your heart has been touched by your experience of Ananda? Do you feel a connection with the people you have met? Perhaps you would like to make a deeper commitment to your spiritual life. If so, you are invited to become a member of Ananda.

Ananda Palo Alto congregation after a recent Easter celebration

Ananda Palo Alto congregation after a recent Easter celebration


What membership means 

Membership in Ananda is an expression of your support for this spiritual work, and of your desire to join with others in spiritual community and fellowship. Our core values are:

  • To have a personal spiritual practice 

  • To learn and live the teachings of Self-realization

  • To have committed spiritual relationships with other truth-seekers 

 You can be an active part of Ananda for many years without becoming member. But there is spiritual and personal benefit to the member, and to the group, whenever someone becomes a part of a larger community.

“What is Ananda’s mission?” asked a visitor to Ananda. “To have fun,” replied Swami Kriyananda. Once people stopped laughing at this unexpected answer, he added, “What I mean by having fun is this: experiencing God within, enjoying His presence in one another, and sharing the Divine with all.”

Who may become a member? 

Most members are also disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda. Many practice the meditation technique of Kriya Yoga. But these are not requirements for membership. Some Ananda members follow other spiritual paths. What everyone has in common is this: their spiritual lives are nourished in some way by their connection with Ananda. Often that means connections with people — people who lift us up or inspire us in some way, or who deeply understand us and help remind us of higher ideals.


Monthly giving 

Members make a regular donation, usually monthly. The amount you give is up to you. Many members tithe 10%, some tithe a smaller percent, and others donate a fixed amount as they wish. The decision of what to give is personal and confidential. What is tithing and why is it considered a spiritual practice?


Our gift Back to You

In appreciation for your financial support, and in return for your generosity, we offer you an invitation to attend many of our classes for free. We offer a huge number of classes (as you well know, if you are thinking about membership).

There are a few classes and events that we are not able to offer for free, and those include:

  • classes at the Ananda Yoga Center

  • classes by visiting instructors

  • immersions such as The Art & Science of Raja Yoga, Ananda Meditation Teacher Training, Ananda Yoga Teacher Training, and other multi-month classes

  • holiday banquets

If you have any questions about what you may attend at no cost, please just contact us or chat with a staffer when you are here.



The best way to explore membership is for us to meet personally and learn more about each other. It will be a joy to welcome you into the spiritual community of Ananda. Contact us to arrange a time to talk with Shanti or anyone on staff.