Kshama Kellogg

Kshama is a long-time teacher in Living Wisdom School, and herself a former student. This deep immersion in the experience and ideals gives her a unique sensitivity to the needs of students. She is a gifted mentor/coach to young people. She is also a skilled yoga and meditation instructor, athlete, singer, and actor.

Dr. Connie Hernandez

Dr. Connie is co- founder and director of Pacific Naturopathic in Mountain View, and Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center in Hawaii. She is a gifted teacher: clear, thoughtful, and warm. In her busy medical practice, she has worked with many chronic and acute concerns. She believes that Yogananda’s healing principles offer keys to the deepest healing of body, mind, and soul.

Eric Munro

Eric, a retired high tech executive, has been a member of Ananda for over 17 years. He served at the Living Wisdom School as Development Officer. Recently, he doffed his farm hat and is managing Ananda Valley Farm. Eric is a man of many unusual talents. Inspired by his personal practice, he guides a weekly Devotional Walk at Ananda Community Thursdays at 7 pm.

Nayaswami Anandaprem

Anandaprem serves as an administrator for the Sangha, and is often the warm voice on the other end of the phone when you call for any reason. She is a counselor, a friend, and a support for all. She spent 30 years in high-tech electronics, raising 3 children as a single mother. Her passion is creating beautiful and welcoming environments for devotional celebrations at Ananda.

James Noh-Kuhn

James Noh-Kuhn is a former senior executive with a San Francisco based coffee company. His calm, cheery management style in a fast-paced environment is born of many years of yoga and meditation practice. He directed the yoga program at Ananda Santa Rosa in 2003. In the corporate world, he was often asked how he remained so calm. He joyfully answered by sharing Ananda's breathing and meditation practices. He brings years of management and strategic planning experience to the Sangha staff.

Nayaswami Chidambar

Chidambar is one of Ananda Palo Alto's founding members and long-time manager of the Ananda Community, home to more than 60 Ananda members who live together in an intentional, spiritual community. Chidambar teaches advanced meditation training. He also provides one-on-one support and mentoring for long-time meditators and those with a Kriya Yoga practice. He is wise, patient, and awake.

Saranya LaCosse

Saranya LaCosse is a gifted professional educator; her life-long passion has been teaching and working with deaf children of all ages, from babies to college students. She has presented workshops on many topics in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. She has also taught Sunday School for many years in many settings. You may know her from her rich alto voice in choir and Ananda kirtans.

Nayaswami Lahari

Lahari is insightful, wise, and present. She has served in many of Ananda's colonies since 1986, including Ananda Village, Sacramento, Rhode Island, and India. She and her husband, Biraj, helped to found the new Ananda community near Pune, India, and more recently, the new Ananda Valley Farm in Half Moon Bay. Lahari is a pastoral counselor and teaches many programs at Ananda.

Navashen Jones

Navashen helps others fulfill their highest potential through the Ananda teachings in a fun, positive atmosphere. Before Ananda, he was involved in operations services for baseball teams, and as Director of Operations at Facebook’s corporate fitness center. Navashen teaches meditation, and also has a gift for working with young children through nature awareness activities and guided play. He serves in many ways with kindness, a ready smile, and a deep wellspring of inner calmness.